Hair Meet Ups- The importance of sorority in the natural hair movement.

What is a hair meet-up? It is a platform that brings together the natural hair community with the purpose of providing hair education, collectively solving hair ills/problems as well as demonstrating hair tutorials. The idea is to empower women to love their natural hair through storytelling.

We started hosting monthly hair meet ups every last Saturday of the month at Vodacom Innovation Park because we realised that a lot of people desire to return to natural but have no idea how to go about it. And those who have made the bold move to return struggle to maintain their hair naturally and healthy, they relapse and go back to relaxer because it’s ‘Easy’. The truth is you could research and watch all the YouTube videos in the world about remedies and tips and tricks, these are still  not enough you need a handful of natural-haired women that serve as a great source of information and support system.

The natural hair journey can be quite daunting especially in the early years while you are still trying to figure your hair out. The struggle of hair typing, finding porosity, creating a hair regimen and finding products that work for you.

Our hair is unique and very individual, it may look the same but it behaves and reacts to products and hair habits differently. During this period it is important to have a sisterhood that encourages and supports you. You might find yourself experiencing hair envy and comparing yourself with other people who started the hair journey at the same time as you but have more progress, when you have a sorority they help you to stay focused on your own journey they also help you figure out potential setbacks to your goals.

This community is grown through regular meet-ups that are followed up by calls, texts and emails to help the family/ sorority members to stay in touch. Here are some fun reasons why you should attend natural hair meet-ups:

  • It feels great to bond with those who can relate to your natural hair journey in person and not just online.
  • Take cool pictures with other curly girls. Try to show up with your curls showing and also volunteer for the demonstrations.
  • Find your hair twin. You will find someone who shares similar hair texture and struggles that you can jointly solve.
  • You get to spot yourself in one on the social media posts.
  • Great opportunity for networking
  • Discount on products: at hair meet-ups products are always marked down, there are also freebees

I would encourage you to come to a hair meet-up, enjoy learn and network.

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