The windy season is upon us

Windy season hair hacks

That awful dreaded season is here, I have no idea what to call it, but I just dislike it, my skin and hair just cringe at the thought of it. This season is dry, windy, dusty, hot and cold all in one setting. This is by far the worst period for our hair, it requires a bit of extra attention. There are a few tips and tricks that you should incorporate in your hair pedigree during this time.

What you need to know about the wind

Wind can damage your hair, strong and persistent winds create tangles and snags especially in hair that has passed the awkward growth stage. The wind buffets the hair strands against one another which rough the cuticle layer causing hairs to catch on one another. This can cause split ends as well.

What you can do to protect tresses

  1. Deep condition. I cannot stress this enough, this is the rule of thumb that prevents a list of problems like breakage, dryness and split ends. You will need to do this once a week.
  2. Keep Hydrating. This is the addition of water in to your kinks on a daily basis, Black Hair Rosewater hydrosol will handle this for you. Then seal in the moisture with Black Hair Moisture lock. This will slow down the rate of loss of moisture into the atmosphere caused by the dry wind.
  3. Stay Away from heat tools. Heat tools like hair straighteners and blow dryers suck moisture from our hair, coupled with the dry wind your hair will become bone dry, this will cause it to snap and break.
  4. Tuck those ends away. Our ends are the point where our hair loses moisture the most, keeping them tucked away and unexposed slows down moisture loss, this can be achieved with keeping your hair in protective styling. Also remember to use a clarifying shampoo to rid of the dust particles that can get trapped in your protective style.
  5. Wrap it up. Because this season is just plagued with dirty filthy dust invest in a beautiful fun and colourful head wrap/ scarf. A silk or satin one will be more ideal because they are made with fine smooth fibre that does not cause split ends, snags and draw moisture from your hair. Keep your eyes peeled for our day and night fun wraps.
  6. Use water based products. Our hydrating rosewater spray is good for this job. Also avoid heavy oiling, this attracts and trap that wretched dust and sand particles.

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