Also known as the African Wonder, extracted from the Shea Nut tree which is commonly found in
West African Countries….

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Moisture lock is a hair dress that moisturizes hair, scalp and stimulates hair growth. It is used as a pomade, it helps hold hairstyles, lightly relaxes curls. It is trusted in the reduction of hair frizziness, and flyaway hairs without greasiness. It is a popular for its moisture sealing properties. It acts as a heat protect-ant when flat ironing or hot combing. It also protects hair in cold weather by locking in moisture.

Directions for use

Use on freshly washed hair for best results use (Black Hair African Black Soap), apply Black Hair Coconut oil on scalp, dress hair lightly with Black Hair Moisture lock to seal in moisture and get bounce for in hair. Style Hair as desired.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 65 mm


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